Thanks for your interest in Love is not Lost.

Love is not Lost is not a church in the sense that we have services you attend or events you come to. We do not believe the church is a building, a business, or a corporation. We see the church to be a people, a people that are learning to follow the ways of Jesus and to live out his ways by loving our neighborhood.

If you feel as we do, there is no membership, there is simply a commitment, we call it a covenant. A commitment to live as family and love as only Christ can love. We don’t feel any compulsion to feed you spiritually, but we will look after your spiritual formation.

We believe you won’t grow unless you live like Jesus lived and try to do what he did with people which is what being learners of his ways looks like.

This mission probably has nothing to offer you. However, we’re interested in finding out if God brought you to us, and what your part in serving this neighborhood might be.

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  • We purposely have no paid staff and extremely low overhead.
  • All of the financial generosity shown to Love is not Lost goes to the Capitol Hill Neighborhood in freewill giving. It supports local community work and non-profits, as well as equipping facilitators to start new communities of love and service.